John Alonzo The Man Who Shot Chinatown – The Life & Work of John A.Alonzo Cinematographer Director of Photography Masters of Light Kameramann Cameraman Documentary Cameraman Dokumentarkameramann Senor Turtle Turtle Chicano Latino Dallas Texas Mentor High-Definition HD Pionier HD pioneer Hollywood New Hollywood American Cinema 1970s Handheld Cameraman American Society of Cameraman ASC International Cinematographers Guild IATSE Local 600 ICG Magazine Bundesverband Kamera BVK Martin Ritt Westdeutscher Rundfunk WDR Panavision DeLuxe Labs Chinatown Harold & Maude Scarface Norma Rae Vanishing Point Fluchtpunkt San Francisco Lady Sings The Blues Sounder Farewell, My Lovely Fahr Zur Hölle Liebling Internal Affairs Trau Ihm, Er ist Ein Cop Steel Magnolias Magnolien Aus Stahl Blue Thunder Das Fliegende Auge The Bad News Bears Die Bären Sind Los Black Sunday Seconds The Magnificent Seven Die glorreichen Sieben Fail-Safe Bloody Mama FM Cross Creek Tom Horn Wattstax Visions of Light The Bronze Screen National Geographics Sally Field Richard Dreyfuss Roger Ebert Frank Sinatra Junior Haskell Wexler Roman Polanski Robert Evans Jack Nicholson Michael Crichton Mike Figgis John Toll David L.Wolper WFAA TV Station Dallas Vistas Latino Filmfestival Los Angeles Filmfestival München Filmfest Munich Filmfest Cambridge Filmfestival PluscamerImage Festival de Cine Guadalajara Molinare London Axel Schill Stephanie Bahr Volker Glaeser Gerd Loedige Steve Milne Peter Wiggins Phil Radin John Galt Beverly Wood Ron Koch John McNaughton John Frankenheimer James Wong Howe Charles Lang Robert E.Relyea Daily Variety LA Weekly The American Cinematographer The American Cinematheque Los Angeles Cinematographers Day David Kaminsky Films Transit HBO Latin Docufactory Schweiz Docufactory Switzerland Internet Encyclopedia of Cinematographers Kodak Realfiction NRW Filmstiftung NRW Fillmfund

This is the story of a young Mexican farmer boy, who against all odds became one of the most influential
characters in the field of cinematography.

It is a 77 minutes portrait of a man whose passion for films encompassed and promoted the immense power
of film as an art form and the craft of cinematography as crucial to its impact on the viewing audience.

Interviews with actors Sally Field and Richard Dreyfuss, the American Film Critic Roger Ebert,
the directors William Friedkin, Mike Figgis, John McNaughton as well as the author and director Michael Crichton
and the cinematographers Haskell Wexler A.S.C., John Toll, A.S.C., and many colleagues and friends like
Frank Sinatra Jr. shine some light on Alonzo’s creative process.

His exceptional capacities as a cinematographer will be explained with the use of film clips from
Harold & Maude, Vanishing Point, Sounder, Chinatown, Norma Rae, Scarface, Farewell, My Lovely,
Blue Thunder, Internal Affairs and many others.